Every year an estimated 30 million tons of brewers spent grain (BSG) enters the landfill worldwide. BSG is the barley and hops left over from the brewing process. Enactus BCIT’s newest project is tackling the problem of food waste by creating partnerships with local microbreweries and creating value by up-cycling BSG into edible by-products. Because of BSG’s high nutritional content of protein, fibre, along with trace amounts of vitamins and minerals it makes an ideal supplement to recipes using whole wheat flour. Brewbar’s first venture will be manufacturing and distributing Organic Spent Grain Flour.


Brewbar is adding another layer to our local breweries production cycle. Our current partnerships with multiple local breweries add to the sustainability of the brewery and our local economy by changing a breweries idea of their spent grain from waste to resource. Within the core compounds of BSG, this upcycling process has the potential of adding value to a variety of products.

At Enactus, we believe successful teams embrace diversity, that’s exactly why Brewbar’s team represents over 10 BCIT programs. Brewbar quickly established a relationship with students and faculty from the Food Technology department to ensure our food safe products are successful in the marketplace.


Our mission is to start the edible up-cycling trend in Vancouver: to divert food waste into highly nutritious, highly sustainable by-products. By recycling a waste product back into the economy, we are creating jobs, revenue, and completing the food products cycle.


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