We found remote areas in British Columbia that struggled to maintain efficient, reliable energy source to power their infrastructures. Bright Futures looks to educate youth on clean energy while empowering them to make positive impacts in their community.


Our first goal is to raise $20,000 towards installing solar panels at Pender Harbour Secondary. We will also develop a curriculum on solar as a learning resource for passionate students to gain valuable employment skills.


Once funds are raised, students can learn how to install and maintain the solar panels from expert installers. Bright Futures will give them access to knowledge and job skills not usually available in remote communities like the Sunshine Coast. 


This is a brand-new project for Enactus BCIT. The project plans to continue each year with a new community project on the Sunshine Coast. The Bright Futures project looks to inspire youth towards cleaner energy consumption while empowering them to make a positive impact on their community. This year, the project was inspired by the desire of the students of Pender Harbour Secondary to have their own solar array on their school. Enactus BCIT will be helping reach this goal in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Community Solar Association, Clear Energy Solutions, and Pender Harbour Secondary.

Our Goal

Enactus BCIT aims to help Pender Harbour Secondary raise the money to put solar panels on the roof of the school by June 2017. The solar panels will assist the school in reducing its carbon footprint as well as acting as a resource for science classes to educate the students on renewable energy. A curriculum on solar power will be developed to supplement the panels as a learning resource. The panels will be assembled by the students of Pender Harbour under the supervision of Will Brooke from Clear Energy Solutions.

How It Works

Enactus BCIT seeks to empower and provide support for students at Pender Harbour. By working with students and community members, Enactus BCIT is reaching the fundraising goal with grant applications, crowdfunding, sponsorships, and a fundraising event at Pender Harbour Secondary in mid-March. By diversifying the means of fundraising, we hope to reach as many donors as possible. So far, School District 46 has pledged to match donations dollar-for-dollar following the completion of the Feasibility Study. In addition, we will be developing a solar power curriculum by working with Pender Harbour and BCIT educators as well as solar experts.