According to the 2016 report, Millennials' Cooking Skills Gap, 24% of millennials don't think they'll ever learn to cook, and “16 to 24 year olds are the most likely group to perceive cooking as stressful.” Additionally, on average, millennials spend 40% less time cooking than the older generations. This is concerning because there is a strong correlation between the amount time spent cooking and the healthiness of your meals.



Since the inception of this project, FED (Fresh Eats Daily) has partnered with the largest start-up incubator in western Canada, Launch Academy. FED offers healthy meals and education for young adults lacking time and money. The meals are prepared in 30 minutes or less and include easy to follow paper and video instructions. 

For every package sold, $1 will be donated to Mealshare. Every $1 contributes one meal to a youth facing health risks due to poor nutrition. The outcome of this project will benefit individuals that want to eat healthy with a meal preparation time limit while contributing to Mealshare’s vision of “ending youth hunger in our lifetime.”

Each package costs $14 and features red seal chef inspired meals for two. 



In February 2018, FED launched its first prototype box.  We sold over 50 meals on campus and contributed 25 meals to Mealshare.

FED’s goal for next year is to increase awareness of healthy eating, provide at least 5,000 meals and impact the community by creating an educational product that gives our community heathy meals in under 15 minutes for only $7 per meal. 


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