Projects Overview

This year, Enactus BCIT has five key projects that aid the social, economic, and environmental health in the surrounding community. 


Bright Futures

Bright Futures is educated youth on clean energy while empowering them to make positive impacts in their community. Our first goal is to raise $20,000
towards installing solar panels at Pender Harbour Secondary.


Food Education Development provides healthy and sustainable solutions for low-income diets by innovating new ways to shop for, prepare, and cook healthy meals with limited time and funds.

Lions' Lair

Lions’ Lair sets out to empower struggling entrepreneurs through educating them on fundamental business skills through workshops and student mentorship sessions.


R.I.S.E. bridges the gap between high school and post-secondary living by educating high school students on topics such as budgeting and personal finances, business communication, computer literacy, and career pathways.

social cycle

Social Cycle combats the ever-growing amount of plastic in our oceans while simultaneously providing jobs and improving the standard of living for many people in developing countries, through our partnership with the Plastic Bank.