Out of the 300 high school students surveyed by Enactus BCIT in 2016, we found that 84% of students don’t know enough about financial literacy, business communication, and leadership skills. These skills are important when it comes to saving money, getting a good job, and being leaders in their community.


Since January, RISE has hosted three workshops and 11 students have attended.  With such a small group, it has allowed us to work closely with each student and provide mentorship for them well after the workshops are over.

In previous years, we targeted high school students in general, but this year, we decided to work with students who are new to the country and will benefit most from RISE. These high school students have moved to Canada within the past three years from Philippines, Syria, South Asia, Middle East, Cambodia. 

As these students have English as a second language, our Enactus BCIT mentors were able to make connections for these students, help improve their English skills, and teach them about Canadian culture.

This year we also partnered with Chartered Professional Accountants.  They provided $2500 in scholarship money to help encourage these students to pursue post-secondary education.


The drastic change between the student’s goals before and the workshops (graduating high school vs. making post-secondary educational plans and applying for university programs) is exactly what Enactus BCIT is eager to see year after year. 

In fact, many of these students are now applying for part-time jobs as well as planning and applying for programs in trades, business, finance, and general studies at BCIT and UBC. The increase in confidence for writing formal emails, cover letters, resumes, job searching and job interviews grew 50% on average from before the workshop to after the workshop. The increase in confidence and understanding in financial literacy, including income concepts, taxes, banking, and budgeting, grew and average of 60%.