Social Cycle provides an opportunity to help solve the global issue of plastic waste entering our natural environment. Although Vancouver cares about the growing problem of ocean plastic, 80% of plastic waste comes from impoverished countries. Social Cycle gives Vancouver a way to contribute to this initiative even though the recycling infrastructure here is well developed.


We partnered with The Plastic Bank, a local social enterprise that built a system giving plastic waste new value. Through its network of collection centres, the Plastic Bank allows people in low-income countries to trade in plastic waste for goods and services. Social Cycle strives to inspire Vancouverites to contribute to this system by donating their plastic bottles.


Social Cycle aims to raise $2,000 next year to help Plastic Bank create 2 collection centres that will employ over 200 people through collectors and facility entrepreneurs.


Social Cycle aims to minimize plastic waste in landfills and our oceans by by educating people and showing them how they can make an impact just by recycling. In partnership with The Plastic Bank, Social Cycle's goal is to develop a viable business model to collect recycled materials to raise funds to construct plastic recycling plants in developing communities around the world. The model will create income opportunities in various ways for people in the developing countries and has vast room for potential growth on a year by year basis. In 2016, Social Cycle worked with international partners in Brazil and Grenada to develop a business model using recycled plastics and sustainable products; a project that Enactus BCIT hopes to take to Enactus Nationals in Vancouver 2017. The project will teach local aspiring entrepreneurs fundamental business skills and cohesive team work on an international level.


With Your help We Can Reduce Ocean Plastic & Poverty.

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