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Discovering needs in our communities and taking entrepreneurial action to shape concepts into projects to meet those needs.


Working tirelessly to create an economic, environmental, and social impact through the steady growth of each project.


Continually monitoring and evaluating project progress in relation to the needs we discover, to ensure long-term success.

About Us

Enactus World Cup 2018

We are students who believe that entrepreneurial action matched with sustainable business practices can empower our Greater Vancouver community, and communities around the world. With the mentorship of faculty advisors and industry professionals, Enactus BCIT members apply their schooling to develop and implement unique programs that benefit the Greater Vancouver community.

Enactus, established in 1975, has built the largest global business and higher education networks in the world, operating in over 36 countries and impacting over 115 countries worldwide. This international, non-profit organization brings together the drive of post-secondary students and knowledge of professional educators and leaders to create entrepreneurial solutions to economic, social, and environmental problems.

Enactus BCIT is comprised of many dedicated students from a variety of disciplines who not only excel in their studies (take 7 to 8 classes per semester), but who also find time to volunteer on campus and within the community. Through entrepreneurial action, our mission is to help create a better, more sustainable world.


Enactus BCIT is part of a world-wide non-profit organization which stands for Entrepreneurial Action in Us (Formerly SIFE – Students In Free Enterprise). By finding a need, perfecting an approach and creating a sustainable community outreach project, Enactus BCIT is dedicated to bettering our community. Each project aims to make a positive economic, environmental, and social impact. We don’t provide hand-outs; we provide hand-ups.