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Launch Academy

Launch Academy is an early-stage tech incubator that provides entrepreneurs with the mentorship, resources. network and environment they need to launch, fund and grow their startups.

Since 2012, Launch Academy has incubated over 500 companies that have collectively raised over $100 million and created more than 1000 jobs. As a nonprofit leader that’s focused on community impact, Launch Academy aims to train and support more than 100,000 entrepreneurs by 2025.

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Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia


Here are the changes: “Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) are trusted business leaders. They are dedicated professionals who focus on strategic and financial management. CPAs work in every business sector, as well as public practice, education, not-for-profits, and government. CPAs possess the expertise and ethical fortitude to navigate through disruptive change by anticipating the unexpected, making sense of complexity, and analyzing data to make business decisions that drive success.

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British Columbia Institute of Technology

The BCIT School of Business offers a range of industry-relevant programs to help you prepare for your career. Whether you aspire to be a CEO or a digital animator, the School of Business can help you get there.

With over 100 programs and 300 courses, the BCIT School of Business can help enhance your skills and improve your marketability with either full or part-time study opportunities.

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